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Do I need anything extra to use a code written for nucleo l 432 in nucleo u575?

Associate II

I am trying to implement hello world application for microcontrollers but I have I have a card other than the suggested card (the card I have NUCLEO U575ZI Q AT2) I'm trying to do it using, but I can't get a complete result and the errors I get are from the files created by in the platform h file. What can I do about it? and how to perform motion detection on STM32L4 IoTnode? I read the article and wanted to try it, but in the requirements section of the article, a different nucleo card is suggested than the one I have. Can I apply this project directly on my own card by following the steps in the article? If I can't, what changes and configurations do I need to make?

ST Employee

Hi @Nur ÖZã¶Ren​,

porting the code between different STM32 is usually easy. Find in the project where the name of the original STM32 is and replace it with a new one. There will be some compilation errors and missing files, but that's very easy to fix using Cube packages and help of other examples.

Alterantively you can use Cube MX to generate a new project for the board you have and add necessary source files from the existing project into that. Sometimes this is the easier way.



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Associate II

Thank you, I have tried the methods you mentioned many times. There is something I suspect. In on the internet, this example was made according to an M4 processor, and I am working with M33. Do I need to make any changes caused by this situation?