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Design Tip Hot Plug BMS board

Dear Members. The current BMS board design has not taken in consideration all the recommendation for a Hot Plug capable design. To make your system hot-plug resistant make sure to follow the recommendations below: Change the battery connector with a ...

New beta release of BMS GUI for AutoDevKit solution

We are releasing the first beta version of the BMS GUI for the AutoDevKit solution! Get the online update Version 2.3.1 for your AutoDevKit Studio now! Have a look at slides 4, 18, 19, 20, and 22 for details.                             Let us know w...


Resolved! AEK-POW-BMS63EN as a Master Board in the daisy chain

Hi,I would like to check if STM AEK-POW-BMS63EN board can be used as a first board in the daisy chain with the setup where we have external MCU (for example STMF103RB) and AEK-COM-ISOSPI1?In the datasheet you describe difference between 'Master' and ...

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MaraLo by Associate
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Resolved! L9963E SPI message definition

Hi,I'm trying to understand SPI communication for your L9963E.In the data sheet for your L9963E IC is missing the definition of how SPI shall be configured. It doesn't say anything about MSB/LSB bit send configuration for SPI. In the picture below we...

MaraLo by Associate
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Resolved! BMS63EN Diagnostics - How to?

I had a fine working setup with BMS63 for some hours. Than cell 12 showed 0V and the fault light in the ISO SPI came up. A short measurement showed, the cell was indeed empty (I am testing with very old cells). After replacing the cell cell 12 still ...

Orbiter by Senior
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Resolved! BMS63EN Example does not start

I imported the SPC58EC - AEK_POW_BMS63EN_SOC_Estimation_Single application, configured like described in UM3185. (Side note: The Board View may also view that the ISO SPI needs a Powersupply... So I wonder the Generic pins table..shall I do something...

Orbiter by Senior
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Resolved! Is there a charger matching BMS63EN?

I wonder if there is any ST solution on charging a batterypack that already uses the BMS63EN? So that these two could work together in terms of powercontrol. Or is it maybe easier to implement than I think? 

Orbiter by Senior
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