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Failed to execute multiple wave files

Hi Community ,We are working on AVAS project Autodevkit AEK-AUD-C1D9031 and trying to execute two wave files for two different channels.But only one wave file is getting executed which is getStartWavFile(0) when tried to give non zero parameter ,wave...


Facing issue with FreeRtos and OSAL

Hi everyone,I am using SPC58 MCU and Autodevkit IDE. In that I have taken Avas_Compact_Test_Application example as the base source code1. And, During execution, before integration of FreeRtos the execution was entering osalThreadDelayMilliseconds()  ...

Aishwaryaum_0-1712719536433.png Aishwaryaum_1-1712720503682.png

Resolved! Need Help with SPC5 Studio for Basic LED Blinking Program

Hello all,I'm Ali, new to ST Microcontrollers, and I'm seeking some guidance to get started with SPC5 Studio. Previously, I developed custom SDKs where I had control over registers, their addresses, and more. However, transitioning to SPC5 Studio has...

Ali5 by Associate II
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Autodevkit openOCD

Hello, I tried to use openOCD with my custom board based on SPC58EG80E5. I can successfully flash the ELF file of my project with SPC5LNKA debugger, but the debug features such as the watch window and breakpoints do not work. How can I enable these f...

cumuk by Associate
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