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Resolved! Need Help with SPC5 Studio for Basic LED Blinking Program

Hello all,I'm Ali, new to ST Microcontrollers, and I'm seeking some guidance to get started with SPC5 Studio. Previously, I developed custom SDKs where I had control over registers, their addresses, and more. However, transitioning to SPC5 Studio has...

Ali5 by Associate II
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Control AEK-COM-ISOSPI1 via stm32

Dear community members,Because I am using the stm32 Nucleo board with st32cubemx and stm32cubeprogrammer, how can I get the library and set all the parameters of the AEK-COM-ISOSPI1 so that it can communicate with the AEK-POW-BMS63EN. Any help would ...

Design Tip Hot Plug BMS board

Dear Members. The current BMS board design has not taken in consideration all the recommendation for a Hot Plug capable design. To make your system hot-plug resistant make sure to follow the recommendations below: Change the battery connector with a ...

Errata label mismatch on AEK-POW-SPSB081

Dear community members, In the AEK-POW-SPSB081 board, the SPI pin labels (red box in the below image) are not matching the labels of the test points. The correct labels are those placed on the test points (green box).   Thank you for your contributi...


Resolved! CAN Transceiver usage in L99DZ200G

I've recently evaluated the AEK-MOT-MR200G1 and AEK-MOT-TK200G1 evaluation boards to gain a better understanding of using the L99DZ200G device and have noticed that neither of those boards used the on-chip CAN transceiver in the L99DZ200G device but,...

dlkeng by Associate III
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SPC582B NFC06A1 demo fail

Hi everyoneGood day~I have been working on "SPC582Bxx_RLA AEK COM NFC06A1 Key Detection - Trunk System Control" recently and it seems there are several issues that I have encountered:1. The SPI pin OERC needs to be set to "Strong Driver".2. The "plat...

rsiigod by Associate
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