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Resolved! Access denied on non-sensitive content?

Hi, I'm researching how the STM32F407VGT6 SPI works, and I came across this access denied warning, but the original messages don't seem to have sensitive content, is there a problem on the Forum that causes this?

STM_Access Denied.png

Forum migration lost code formatting

I've noticed that for example in the inserted code is flowed instead of formatted as code. ST, can this please be fixed? @Legacy membe...

Not able to start a discussion - Marked as spam

Hi!I'm trying since saturday post a discussion on TouchGFX channels.All my attempts was marked as spam and not published. This is the message on the top of my blocked post: "Marked as spam. If you believe this is an error, submit an abuse report."The...

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uilter by Senior
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Problem browsing the forum through Firefox

Hello, I have a problem accessing the forum from Mozilla Firefox. The browser constantly refreshes pages cyclically. I tried different PCs from home and work. Firefox is version 114.0.2. 64bit, Windows 10. Browsing is OK when using Edge.

ONadr.1 by Senior III
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Resolved! Kudos button not showing once logged in

See ability to upvote until I log in, then disappears.Seems to impact my view on PC and Phone browsers. I can see people have clicked the Kudos button on my posts in the alerts, so working for some.For some reason, I can't bold the Subject/Title of t...

Resolved! Some solutions may be falsely flagged

Hi,When reading some solutions I noticed that the 'OP' (the person who originally posted a question) did not accept the solution clearly, and there were even subsequent messages.When starting to use this new forum, I already accidentally clicked the ...

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View posts in chronological order?

In the previous forum software, one could view posts in the order in which they were posted. This is convenient for a number of reasons, mostly to ensure threads don't get popped back up to the top after every single comment.This forum has a "Sort by...

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TDK by Guru
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How to upload text file with patch?

Hi,I am trying to upload a txt file, that contains a git patch, but the editor keeps telling me, that the content of the file does not match its mime type. How can I upload it?Best regards,Tomáš