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Resolved! Kudos button not showing once logged in

See ability to upvote until I log in, then disappears.Seems to impact my view on PC and Phone browsers. I can see people have clicked the Kudos button on my posts in the alerts, so working for some.For some reason, I can't bold the Subject/Title of t...

Resolved! Some solutions may be falsely flagged

Hi,When reading some solutions I noticed that the 'OP' (the person who originally posted a question) did not accept the solution clearly, and there were even subsequent messages.When starting to use this new forum, I already accidentally clicked the ...

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View posts in chronological order?

In the previous forum software, one could view posts in the order in which they were posted. This is convenient for a number of reasons, mostly to ensure threads don't get popped back up to the top after every single comment.This forum has a "Sort by...

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TDK by Guru
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How to upload text file with patch?

Hi,I am trying to upload a txt file, that contains a git patch, but the editor keeps telling me, that the content of the file does not match its mime type. How can I upload it?Best regards,Tomáš


Resolved! Reducing influx of resurrected ancient threads

We see this now more often than before (and there was an increase of this trend due to spam in the last few months even in Salesforce). I'd suggest the following steps:- consider first-poster moderation to cut back on the spam; yes, I know that means...