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Detect Mis-Posted source code

Andrew Neil
Evangelist III

It's good that the source-code button is now more visible: 

but that doesn't help with the vast majority of posters who don't even think about the need for such a thing: 


This has been a perennial problem since the dawn of web forums - for over 20 years!

Surely, by now, we should be able to have some AI or something to detect this ...




It would be nice if everyone used it, but it just doesn't happen and it's best to just live with it and address questions as they come. It's the same with people not posting super relevant details like their (full) chip number, or hardware, or debugger, etc. You will never have full control over what people post.

Having many posts saying "hey use the code format feature" is equally as distracting as people not using it in the first place.

Having the code format on the first "page" of tools is certainly an improvement and will improve the chance that people find and use it. It's an improvement.

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