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Resolved! Replies are being eaten?

I am 100% sure I replied to this thread: evidence, I am "subscribed" to it and get notified of new posts, which happens...

TDK by Guru
  • 18 replies
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Page is frozen while trying to respond

While I type this, two other tabs of mine are open while trying to reply to another post. Both of those tabs are stuck forever loading--the page is entirely blank.This happened in the middle of replying to the post while trying to tag someone by usin...

TDK by Guru
  • 1 replies
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Search sometimes freezes

Search sometimes freezes:   It remained so apparently indefinitely (waited 5 minutes). JW [EDIT] reloading unfreezed, but why did it freeze at the first place?


Avatar went surprisingly wrong

It initially rendered as text-in-circle but then it automatically rearranged itself into this form.I can see normal Amelie's avatar in other pages.JWPS. Of course this is of no importance, just one more example of how overcomplicated things can and u...