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Please make Bookmarks usable

Bookmarks might be a useful feature... when done right. Please migrate bookmarks from salesforce and merge them with the current bookmarks.Please put a link to bookmarks to "my menu" so that they can be accessed directly.Please present them in the sa...

XVNP35N07 - Looking for a data-sheet

We know there are  OMNIFETs  type    VNP35N07  -  but also we discovered   XVNP35N07..  Now we are trying to find out what's the difference betwen   VNP...  and   "X"VNP....  - so far we didn't find a datasheet or an explanation for this.  Perhaps so...

Kurt B. by Associate
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Forum no login

Now login again possible, after many hours no login possible. Is this STM standard quality???

AScha.3 by Principal III
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Resolved! View unanswered posts only?

Is there a way to view only posts which have no replies?The old site allowed this. The functionality is helpful to prevent posts falling through the cracks. Currently, if a post is 2 days old and is unanswered, it's really hard to find it. Right now,...

TDK by Guru
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Accepted Solution Marking

Argh!  This forum software seems to suck every bit as much as every other we've suffered with over the years.  I accidentally marked Pavel's post as the solution because this junk is so sluggish and unresponsive.  And, of course, trying to go back an...

Logout == throw-out ?

Why I am thrown out of the forum when logging out ?Doing so, I land on the bare login screen. Who came up with that impractical idea ? I have seen this on no other forum.Being different is only fine if you are better.

Ozone by Lead
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