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Design Tip Hot Plug BMS board

Dear Members. The current BMS board design has not taken in consideration all the recommendation for a Hot Plug capable design. To make your system hot-plug resistant make sure to follow the recommendations below: Change the battery connector with a ...

Resolved! Is there a charger matching BMS63EN?

I wonder if there is any ST solution on charging a batterypack that already uses the BMS63EN? So that these two could work together in terms of powercontrol. Or is it maybe easier to implement than I think? 

Orbiter by Senior
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Resolved! The CAN example and how to properly make it work

Question 1: When I make the mcanconf like described in AN the second mcanconf is named exact the same, it does not autoincrement to mcanconf1 as it is in the example. Is that important? Or how/when do I link a certain mcanconf to a subsystem? They mu...

Orbiter by Senior
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Resolved! AEK Examples Import - where to find unchanged examples

The examples are a great resource to get started. But it looks like when making changes to an example it does not only safe in the working folder. It also safes (or changes) the original. After playing a lot with one example I wanted to just delete i...

Orbiter by Senior
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Resolved! L9963 Library for SPC5 MCU

Hi,I'm looking for C Software library for Battery Management System ST L9963.My setup:IDE: SPC5StudioMCU: SPC570SxxPlease, where can I find this library?ThanksLeo

LeoC by Associate II
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Resolved! L9963E wakeup

We have a BMS board with SPC574S64 Controller and L9963E as BMS ICI am trying to communicate with the BMS IC via Direct/Normal SPI modeI have done the necessary HW connections properly and ensured the SPI lines are proper.I am trying to communicate w...

VP.6 by Associate II
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