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How to read initialization from L9663 data using SPI?

Associate II


I stareted to develop PSI5 interface with L9663. My point is to read initialization data via SPI. If I set DOUT1 as direct data output (CH1_CR1->DOUT1_SE = 0), I am able to measure received data on this pin. But if  I set this pin as interrupt (CH1_CR1->DOUT1_SE = 1), then I am not able to read initialization data via SPI (but interrupt is active). 

My procedure:

1. set READ_INIT_DATA1 bit in CH1_CR1

2. Enable PSI5 (with requierd settings)

3. Reading initialization data by this command:


After this  INITDATA_RDY in SR3 is not set. Is this procedure correct? What I should write to "init_buf_id" and "Register" bits? I tried to make loop for all possible combinations, but there wasn't any data.


Thank you for your response.