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No src folder created and code generation failed.

Associate III

Hi everybody,

I installed the last version of STM32Cube IDE (1.2.0) on two different computers, one is win7 an dthe second one is win10. When i strictly follow the tutorial to create a working project, I can see in both situations that the src folder is not created after STM32CubeMx perspective has been invoked. I cannot find any solution on the net, any solution or suggestion will be more than welcome. I must add that  I can see a mx.scratch file is temporarly created too. I think that an erro log is created but I do not know hwere it is stored.



ST Employee

What tutorial are you following and on what step does the error occur?

Have you set up internet connection and have you downloaded the correct FW for the target that you're trying to create a project for?

If you open the .ioc file and try to generate the project again (Alt + K) what happens then?

Cartu38 OpenDev
Lead II

Can we get your. ioc file to have a try ? ... having some chance to help you ....

Associate III

Thank you guys.

I uninstalled the application, installed it again and now it seems to work. The src and inc folders are created in the core folder. This is the source of my mistake, on the tutorial I watched on youtube the src and inc folders were created to the same directory level as core. My mistake !!! Anyway, i was able to create a c/c++ skeleton from the MX and IDE, stuffed my elementary code in the main.c file, test it in release and debug, download the bin to the target board. Sa far all seems to work as expected but no real danger with a blinking led code.

Thank you for yoyr quick reaction markus and Cartu38, I really appreciate your help. I guess I will have the opportunity to post a few things on the forum.


Hi, How did you change the path of src folder? Because I've already installeda again and src folder still inside core folder

@Combuster wrote:

 src folder still inside core folder

That is correct - that's the way it's supposed to be!

You can create your own folders using New > Source Folder