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Hello every one: I have a question about eeprom emulation in stm32F4

Associate II

I work on project using F407-DISC1 and i want to store data in eeprom and read it in another time.

I do not want to use external eeprom, but i do not know how to add X-CUBE EEPROM to CUBEMX to 

use it in my project.

I hope my question is clear 

Thanks for any help.


If it is a structured block of data you can use FLASH. The smaller 16KB blocks toward the front are more manageable in terms of speed. You need the first block to boot, but the others can be carved out

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This topic has been discussed here many times, e.g. .

You either jump through hoops to get this working as it is; or just pretend it does not exist and implement data storage in FLASH from scratch, which is quite likely to work better for your particular application.