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ethernet ping issue after 3 days of runs successfully (ethernet stops responding after 3 days )

Associate III

I'm using STM32h743zit6u microcontroller on NUCLEO_H743ZI2 board and CORTEX M7 processor . So i have choose a Ethernet peripheral for the UDP socket programming , and DCMI for the camera interface ,and clock is 400Mhz , in the cubeMX version 5.4.0 . And I have successfully generated the code through in Keil version5 , And I did the setup all the hardware which i required and i connect camera with my pc (with some software to see the video steam), And im getting continuous packets which i need to see the video streaming on the pc .so the ISSUE is i runs the camera continuous for three days im getting continuous packets without missing  any one of packet. After three days my ethernet ping is stopping and im not getting any more  packets. so please provide me solution for why ethernet is stopping after 3 days . and if i need to change in the HAL functions ,kindly request to provide the functions also.

thank you....... 

Pavel A.
Evangelist III

While waiting for more useful responses: imagine that someone else asked you this question.

What would you tell this person? Do you have enough information to answer? Does the ISSUE look like it can be fixed by change of some HAL function?



Associate III

I have no idea mr pavel .  but can you give me some solutions for my problem. 

Chief II

Pavel say , that your info = zero. My crystalball say your code requiire debug on moment when hang then learn howto connect to running hanged code. And too 5.4.0 is little old


As Pavel said: not enough info.

As MM..1 said: debug.

I say: be careful if you update CubeMX, the HAL drivers might have changed, especially the ETH significantly.
So before updating, save and backup all you have and expect to have a hard time getting things to work again.

Associate III

sir can you please share the code . I try many times but ethernet can't ping 

Let's try one of the potentially dozens of reasons: maybe this?


u can generate the code from cubemx 5.4.0