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CubeMX Import IOC (commenced from MDK)

Associate III


I start a New Project in MDK.  I launch Device -> CubeMX.  I get a blank IOC.  I cannot Import (my design) into this IOC: Why not?


ST Employee

Hello @MRobe.1 ,

If possible, share your ioc file to check your issue, and please provide more details (which CubeMx, keil release used)


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You want me to share an IOC which does not yet exist?

  • Start MDK (my version info is shown attached)
  • Start a New Project: select STM32F429NIH6
  • Open RTE and launch CubeMX from Device (my CubeMX is shown attached)
  • Does "Import" show enabled or disabled?  For me it is disabled.  Why?

It is nothing to do with the IOC I am attempting to import.  Which is why I did not send an IOC.



Open the IOC instead? File -> Load Project...

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Associate III

Why didn't I think of that!  Just, maybe, I did.  If I Load Project it is unlinked to the originating MDK project.   There is no methodology to "link" an existing ioc into an MDK project.

What I have been doing as workarounds is either (a) overwrite the "new" MDK ioc with the intended ioc, or (b) load the intended ioc and Save As to the "new" MDK file thereby overwriting it.  Both have issues that where migrate is required that function has issues and a migrated file has missing information which needs manually edited.

I should be able to Import information from an ioc.  There is a menu option.  It is disabled.  My question remains; Why?

Associate III

Additional information (gleaned from working up a new Case).

I created a blank IOC file (start with CubeMX, New, select STM32F429NIH6).  When created, and whilst in the same CubeMX session, I can Import (with problems: that will be another case).
But this does not work:

  • start CubeMX
  • New Project (STM32F429NIH6)
  • Save the ioc
  • Close CubeMX
  • Launch the just created IOC
  • "Import" is not available

The ioc attached is the fresh, clean, just created IOC.  It has no Import functionality when launched to (or opened from within) CubeMX.