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Jumping to random file after pressing Run button

Associate II

Hello. When I press to Run (Run main.c) button, STM32CubeIDE opens random file, possibly, from current repository, for example: startup_stm32l452xx.s, core_cm4.h etc...

Code is loading successful, but this side effect bothers me.

I would like to disable this function. How can I do it?

If you need more information about this behavior please, ask.

Thank you for reading.

Associate III

I have exactly the same issue (on 1.9.0) without any errors or warnings when building.

Associate III

I am jumping in here two say I have the same problem (and to follow allong with any answers)

It seems to me that it opens the file/line that corrosponds to the program counter when it is reset for programing. I have seen on multiple occasions where it shows the debug program counter indicator (maybe this has a better name) in the main while(1) loop, or some of the error handler while(1) loops.

Maybe this can provide some clue someone clever ??


Just here to add my name to the tally. This has always happened for me also

Associate II

Not an answer, just a confirmation.

This is not an isolated incident, I have done about 500 extra mouse clicks this week just closing the random files that open on each compile or debug, and this has happened with every version of Cubeide that I have used.


Here, one more.

It just start happening this last week after setting a new workspace.

I vaguely remember brushing aside some pop-up notification when running the fist debugging/running sessions. I guess I accepted some kind of configuration and after that it become so annoying to be required to close or change file so frequently.

There is probably some way around this problem in the CubeIDE settings. Help.

I guess Im starting a new work environment as someone suggested earlier. u.u

Brian H

Yep, me too. It happens with both debugging and running. Building on what others have said, I'm betting some quasi-random PC value is getting examined, and a line in a source file found to match, and that source file opened. Even though no user-initiated halt has taken place. I also notice, when starting a debugging session, when that file opens, the call stack area momentarily displays "Suspended: User request" even though I've done no such thing. I suppose something in the debug startup process looks like a user-requested suspend and causes Eclipse to make its attempt to display the line where execution is halted.

So, yeah, it's pretty annoying, especially when iterating rapidly...

Associate III

Two years and this hasn't been fixed.

Brian H

I wonder if it's an issue with Eclipse itself when changing perspectives. STM may have little power to fix it if that's the case. Still, a response from STM on this thread one way or the other would be an appreciated gesture...

Associate III

I may have found something interesting about this behavior.

As long as I just run a code (by clicking the "Run" button to upload a program), no other window opens. But, once I use the debug mode, it starts to jump to random files windows. Then the behavior happens every time I try to run or debug a code, until I restart the IDE. Pretty annoying since I use it everyday...

Associate III

It is indeed annoying.

As @Loic says, restarting the IDE appears to reset this behaviour. A single Debug run starts it up again. In my case, the file opened is mostly the startup_stm32f411ceux.s and the active line is the reset handler. But not always.