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Jumping to random file after pressing Run button

Associate II

Hello. When I press to Run (Run main.c) button, STM32CubeIDE opens random file, possibly, from current repository, for example: startup_stm32l452xx.s, core_cm4.h etc...

Code is loading successful, but this side effect bothers me.

I would like to disable this function. How can I do it?

If you need more information about this behavior please, ask.

Thank you for reading.

Associate III

Same problems. Radom open of files. Any suggestions? Thank you


Same issue.

Version: 1.10.1

Senior III

All versions of Cube have always done this.

It is stupid, annoying, and dangerous because keystrokes are directed to the file that has been randomly opened so if you are typing something into another window, those keystrokes go into the newly opened file.

After doing say 20 debug runs you have 20 randomly picked files open.

Of course it has been reported many times.

Associate III

I have an idea of the origin of this issue, in my case I started encountering it after I tried the debug function for the first time, and since then a random tab will appear after every run, this is driving me crazy especially when I'm stuck trying to solve a project problem.

Associate III

I also have random file open automatically after run. But:

  1. it will not have this issue if I do not run debug.
  2. After running debug once, normal run will always open random file, but mostly it is startup file. This is exactly what mentioned by @Vertinhol in the above post.
  3. This has nothing related to workspace or settings. Just exit the IDE and run again within debug, it won't have any problem.

Please try Mac version as Mac versions have a lot more bugs than Windows.

Another very annoying issue and on Mac only:

When MX file is active and you would like to open other C or header file, after clicking any C or header file, the MX file will be open and active again. But if you clicking other file again, the MX file will not be active again. This happens from 1.8 to 1.10.1 and on Mac only. Windows versions do not have this issue.

These 2 bugs are very very annoying! Please fix them!!!

Associate II

Hi, I also faced exact the same issue and I found this.

Detach and then drag those files to the bottom corner, and even hide it if you want.

Next time the cursor will remain in main.c file.


Senior III

I can't replicate this.

I can Detach the file, but where is this "bottom corner"?

And do you have to do that with every file which pops up spuriously, and eventually you will have gone through all the .c files in the project?

A more simple way that I usually do is that detach and drag all of those files to my second screen. It will take you sometime at first, but after that the cursor won't randomly jump to another file.

Sadly say that you have to do this with all of those files.

Senior III

Sorry but I struggle to work out what your "second screen" is. It is almost like you are running Cube on a phone, which you obviously aren't.

I have the standard Cube install setup i.e. the project hierarchy down the left, the edit screen in the middle, and the screen for stuff like breakpoints on the right. On the bottom is a screen for stuff like Console.

So there is no obvious place for me to drag the Detached file to.