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Can't get STM32G0B1VE USB device work.

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I use STM32CubeIDE1.6.1 to generate USB device (CDC VCP mode) code for STM32G0B1VE. The PC could not recognize the USB. I tried internal HSI48 clock and PLLQ for USB (clock frequency verified by MCO), I pulled up DP through 1.5k resistor by a GPIO after about 2 seconds once starting the code. I'm using Windows 10. Please help!

@Imen DAHMEN​ 


It has been a while. Any news on this from your CubeMX team?


Hi @Jackle​ ,

We apologize for the delay it sometimes takes to respond.

In this period of the year, many ST employees are on vacation, and it's a busier time for others :pensive_face:.

I re-escalated your issue to CubeMx team for review (Internal ticket 111064: this is not accessible or usable by customers).


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Hi @Jackle​ could you please attach the ioc

Here you go.

This is related to your interrupt prio level, at 0 it is in conflict with the systick.

Please put it at 0x3.

0693W00000D0m7gQAB.pngyou mean like this? Still not working.

Any progress?@Imen DAHMEN​ @Nawres GHARBI​ 

I also got problem with USB on STM32G0B1 device. Please see my newly post in the "Virtual Com Port Not Recognize STM32G0B1KCT6"

Solution for me was to enable interrupt in the configuration page shown above. However I would like to know:

Do I need to change the preemption priority level? If so please explain why.

i.e. HAL_NVIC_SetPriority(USB_UCPD1_2_IRQn, 0 or 3, 0);

PS. I consider it a bug in CubeMX, that the interrupt is not enabled automatically (like it is for a F401).

Best regards


I noticed you're using STM32Cube FW_G0 V1.5.0 which is higher version than mine.

So, I downloaded the latest STM32CubeIDE1.7.0. Guess what? It's working now.

I'm not sure what it was. I assume the new version just fixed something.

Thanks go to @MichaelSweden​ @Imen DAHMEN​ @Nawres GHARBI​