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STM32MP15: How do we set I2C6 clock source ?

I am using STM32CubeMx to generate device tree:I got these in uboot device tree:&rcc {st,clksrc=<CLK_MPU_PLL1PCLK_AXI_PLL2PCLK_MCU_PLL3PCLK_PLL12_HSECLK_PLL3_HSECLK_PLL4_HSECLK_RTC_LSECLK_MCO1_HSICLK_MCO2_DISABLED>; st,clkdiv = <1 /*MPU*/0 /*AXI*/0 /...

Dat Tran by Senior II
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STM32MP1 M4 programming

Hi,Currently i am looking for an easy way:to change the device tree, to assign peripherals to the M4 Coprocessor for quasi real time applications. i do have a STM32MP157F-DK2 board for testing and also a board with Debian, which i purchased from a di...

STrat.1 by Associate
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Resolved! Support for 4 chips, 8bit ddr3 either 512m*8 or 1G*8?

Hey All,So I know it's mentioned in the data sheet that the stm32mp1xx MPU's only support 16/32 bit DDR ram, and that it also mentions the limit of 1GByte total ram,  but I just wanted to confirm this isn't possible and specifically why as I cannot f...


Hello, I am currently using bare-metal MP13 solution in CubeIDE. I want to integrate uart with DMA. After configuring DMA settings for uart4, a following fragment of DMA init code has been generated:NVIC is not available for Cortex-A, but still its f...


STM32MP153 - DCMI only capture 320x240 or smaller

Hi, I am using STM32MP153 and DCMI interface, camera OV5640.we are using DT same as here: DCMI device tree configuration - stm32mpuFor 640x480 or higher, we always get dma error as below:For 320x240: Seems first capture has no problem, but start from...

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Dat Tran by Senior II
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Major issue with eMMC 8 bit

We are currently experiencing a major issue with eMMC on our custom boards using STM32MP153CAC. Our boards are booting normally with 1 wire mode, but as soon as 8 wire/bit mode is enabled, it starts to bug out.Here is the description of the problem f...

JOhn1 by Associate III
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