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TouchGFX TextArea characters are often shown partially erased on the display

Associate III

Hi all

I am currently developing a product that uses a TFT display.  The product uses the following:

TouchGFX v4.23.2
TFT Module 320 x 240, LTDC RGB565 (16 bits), ST7272
Very often, when displaying text in a TextArea, some of the initial characters look as though they have been erased, as shown below:

TextArea erased characters.jpg

The first word should read 'SAFETY'

Sometimes, this reads correctly, eg by cycling through my screens and back to this one.

All of the other items on the screens such as images, buttons, icons etc display with no problems at all.  It's just the TextAreas that are affected. The font used is Verdana, as supplied in TouchGFX.

Any help with this would be most welcome.


Hello JTP1

Thanks for the suggestion.  That solution had just occurred to me also, so I will give that a try.

Best regards,


Hello again

I tried using #ifndef SIMULATOR to hide the inclusion of cmsis_os2.h.  This got rid of that build error, but is now complaining again that it cannot find "interface_definitions.h"

I am going to leave investigations around the simulator for the moment and concentrate on the code running on the target.

can you upload the project?

Kudo posts if you have the same problem and kudo replies if the solution works.
Click "Accept as Solution" if a reply solved your problem. If no solution was posted please answer with your own.

Unfortunately, I am unable to do this as it is commercially sensitive/confidential.


BTW what is this white object behind SAFETY text, it looks so unsharp and soft edge. Just think can it affect to the text also. The other object below looks very sharp.

Is there some common factor between working and non-working texts... or are all texts glicthed randomly ?.  Just some thoughts...




The white object behind is an image taken from our marketing slides and is just a plain white background.  I will look to change this to a fiiled box, or another 'TouchGFX 'stock' object.  Thanks for the observation, as this box is used on other screens where this problem occurs.

Also, in response to your second question.  The texts do appear randomly, but all share an imported .png background. 

I will investigate further and come back with my findings.

Best regards,


Hello JTP1

I have just tested the change to use a 'Box with Border' for my text background, rather than a .png image and this does indeed solve the problem. Not sure why using a .png image as a background does not work though.  However, the solution that I now have should be good enough for the product, given the display size and customer use.

Many thanks to you and all other contributors for giving the time to help me sort this.  It's much appreciated.

Best regards,


That's great news 🙂 

Could you share that png- file for investigation what was the root cause. This is definetely not normal behaviour that texts are glitched if placed over png image.


One again thank you (all) for your help with this issue.

I have attached the .png file I was using, as requested.

Best regards,