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how to setup the typography to allow a TextArea to display any Unicode character?

Associate II

My app needs to display emails. How do I setup "Wildcard Characters", "Wildcard ranges"... to allow the TextArea to display Unicode Text dynamically (text generated at runtime)?



Hello @TuanLe,

You can setup your typography like this

If you want to support more symbols you can add them to the Wildcard Characters. Also, keep don't forget to assign enough space to your wildcard buffer.

Hope this helps you.

Mohammad MORADI
ST Software Developer | TouchGFX

Thanks for the reply, Mohammad. Can the 3 ranges listed above cover all the Unicode Code Points? For example, I want to cover the code points from 0x0 to U+101E4, but TouchGFX's regular expression only allows me to enter 0xNNNN. So, several code points cannot be listed in the "Wildcard Ranges".

Yes, you can define the ranges in Wildcard Ranges using raw hex code, like 0x0000-0x5555, instead of defining them range by range using characters. However, unfortunately, TouchGFX does not supports Unicode characters larger than 16bits. So, we cannot have U+101E4 in the ranges. 

Mohammad MORADI
ST Software Developer | TouchGFX