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STM32H747 LCD display issue


When I flash some .bin the LCD doesen't work. It just display the a noise picture. With similar examples does work and with more advanced examples like the EmbeddedWizard it works too.

When does not work, every time display the same static image:



Hey bro I post a new comment to solve the issue, it's hardware problem.

I guess the serial number on the screen is different right? Thank you very much for informing us.

Yes. A03 or 01,02 doesn't matter, they're both A03.

The default screen serial num is A225300780 with a QR code on right.

The new screen is A214500023 without QR code.

The A2253 batch are the ones with problems.

ST is working on fixes to the BSP code for these boards, this has been ongoing for a while!

Hello @BTurc.2​ 

could you please give me the S/N (serial number) for your LCD , you can find how identify your SN on the picture below ,
_legacyfs_online_stmicro_images_0693W00000bjHktQAE.pngThank you

ST Employee

Hello ,

The fix is available on GitHub :

In fact , LCD DSI MB1166-A9 delivered with latest version of STM32H747I-DISCO/ boards come based on LCD FGRIDA FRD400B25025-A-CTK instead of FRD397B25009-D-CTK.

Now the firmware is updated , you just need to enable the right hardware component as defined in stm32h747i_discovery_conf.h file and add the new component library (NT35510) in your project .

/* IMPORTANT: One of the following flags must be enabled in stm32h747i_discovery_conf.h file */

/* options in order to select the target daughter board revision connected on STM32H747I DISCOVERY : !!!!!!!!!! */

/* USE_LCD_CTRL_OTM8009A */ /* Applicable for all LCD daughter boards (MB1166) except for Rev -A09 */

/* USE_LCD_CTRL_NT35510 */ /* Applicable only for LCD daughter boards (MB1166) Rev -A09 */

I have the same issue, but i do not think mine is a hardware issue in the screen, as the touchGFX samples work fine, and the USB bin project worked fine and  the camera can stream to the PC.


Not sure if there is any update on this. 


The USB bin example is working fine for me. and touchGFX examples are perfectly working, this limit the issue to a code issue. not sure if there is any update in this as I just bout the board and the camera and having the same issue with the FP-AI examples.