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STM32H747 LCD display issue


When I flash some .bin the LCD doesen't work. It just display the a noise picture. With similar examples does work and with more advanced examples like the EmbeddedWizard it works too.

When does not work, every time display the same static image:



I have the same board like the one below with the same issue.

One of the demo that work is: STM32CubeH7-master\Projects\STM32H747I-DISCO\Examples\LCD_DSI\LCD_DSI_CmdMode_PartialRefresh

One of the demo that does not work is: STM32CubeH7-master\Projects\STM32H747I-DISCO\Examples\LCD_DSI\LCD_DSI_VideoMode_DoubleBuffering

I'm also triyng examples from the FP-AI-Vision pack. I'm loading the binary file of the examples into the board. The examples that does not involve the LCD works fine (like the webcam one). But the others that it supossed to display something in the LCD does not work (the leds of the board works just fine). When does not work it apear the same frame like in the photo below.

I also tired to use TouckGFX and all I did with the program works fine! So I think that the problem are in the libraries maybe.

On the project that's not working *REMOVE* the USE_LCD_HDMI compiler command line define. You aren't using the HDMI adapter board

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Double-Buffer built for the on-board screen

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It still not working. It displays the same screen.

Karl Yamashita
Lead II

I don't see any mention of selecting an external loader?

Karl Yamashita
Lead II

If you're using Cube Programmer to program the bin, then try selecting a memory device


Just tried this file, exactly the same issue here.

Thanks. I have been using the correct External Loaded, it doesn't make a difference.


Hi Guys,

Thanks for all the posts and help.

I think so far we have this:

  1. Using the most recent STMCubeIDE all examples that use Video Mode show the corrupted screen. This include the BSP example.
  2. The hex file kindly provided by Tesla DeLorean also shows the corrupted screen. Tesla have you tested this on a D03 board with A03 screen?
  3. Removing USE_LCD_HDMI does not fix the issue.
  4. Using the correct External Loaded does not fix the issue.
  5. Sarra has used the same versions of the Board D03 and Screen A03 and it is working fine for her.

So from this I'm guessing these must be faulty boards, the last nail in the coffin would be to use the exact elf/hex that Sarra used, I guess when she gets to work on Monday she can post that here for us to test.