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STM32G474 HRTimer, Dead time And Duty Cycle

Associate II

Hi all!


Hoping someone can help me with this. 

Right now, I have Timer A and Timer B as my main outputs; Timer A controls one set of switches in my half bridge, and Timer B controls the other half. 

I have one "mode" set, where I can adjust the phase shift between the two with corresponding dead time and it works great. No issues there.


However, what I also want to implement is a form of trailing edge modulation, without having to manually adjust/move my output pins. I still want and need deadtime too.


I attached a photo showing what I'm trying to do. OUTLR and OUTLL are the two bottom switches, and OUTUR and OUTUL are the upper switches. I can kind of do it by adjusting the falling edge deadtime, but I can't adjust it to be long enough for any sort of real power control. I basically need for the trailing edge of only *one* set of PWM outputs to be changeable, *with* deadtime still included.


Is there some way I'm not aware of to do this? 


Thank you!



Just to understand : you want a H-bridge , but both half-brigde sides with different signals ;

what frequency it should run ? and resolution needed ? IGBT or mosfet ? Power ?

(because at lower main clock for the timer, also the deadtime range getting longer (255 steps Fdtg )).

And what should it be ?  some resonant converter ? how you find/adjust resonance ?

Why not moving the frequency away from resonance to control power (the "usual" way)?

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