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STM32 SPI with CC1125 (TI)

Andrew Neil

The CC1125 is a TI sub-GHz transceiver:

The User's Guide - - says that, after asserting CS, the SPI Master must wait for the CC1125 to pull MISO low before starting the transfer:


I think this means that the STM32F0's hardware SPI can't be used?

Unless anyone else can see a way ... ?

Andrew Neil

The CC1125 requires that CS remains asserted through the entire communication:


the CC1125 doesn't use the "TI protocol" described in the STM32F0 documentation:


(and that doesn't seem to cover waiting for MISO low anyhow)



Sounds like you would need to implement the CS pin and waiting logic itself, but could otherwise use it just fine.

  • set CS low
  • wait for MISO low
  • call HAL_SPI_Transmit... or whatever
  • set CS high

Waiting doesn't have to be a blocking operation although it would make the program logic a lot simpler.

The IDR register of the MISO pin is still connected/accurate in AF mode, so there's no issue reading it.

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Yes, of course that works - why didn't I think of that in the first place!  <facepalm>

Now I have it working between an STM32F0-Disco and a CC1125 dev board.

But not working on the actual custom target board: the initial MISO sync works, but only zeros are ever read back. ☹️

Anyone here with experience of STM32 + CC1125 can think of any gotchas! ?

(I've done it before with an AVR, and think I've got everything covered, but...)