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Enabling ADC Interrupt alone not ADC conversion in HAL_ADC_Start_IT() custom


In the context of using the HAL_ADC_Start_IT() function provided by the HAL library, I want to inquire about the possibility of enabling ADC interrupts without simultaneously starting ADC conversion of regular channels. The function description states that HAL_ADC_Start_IT() "enables the interrupt and starts ADC conversion of regular channels." However, I'm interested in only enabling the interrupt without initiating the conversion process.

Is there a way to achieve this functionality using the HAL library or perhaps through a workaround? If not, what alternatives or custom solutions could be considered to enable ADC interrupts separately from starting ADC conversion?

I appreciate any insights or suggestions regarding this matter.




Chief II

Seems you lazy to open HAL src files and use parts code or simply bare or LL. But still you mix DMA and when you enable ADC interrupt , this signal data in ADC register not transfer end on DMA. Then when time to trigger next ADC is ok for your isr code ...