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Configuring NUCLEO-H755ZI-Q at 480MHz

Associate III

I'm trying to configure NUCLEO demo board at 480Mhz but I'm not able in any way, the following clock configuration seams to be correct, no conflicts


But the code will permanently hang on on the following configuration line


If I comment the line


all seams to work correctly, why?

Chip revision seams to be V so It will be capable of 480MHz


What is wrong? Can someone post a correct clock configuration ? Is there a modify to the board to do? I'm using the last STM32CubeIDE 1.3.0 with H7 1.7.0 support library

best regards




I've applied the software changes you explained and it seemed to work to me. But, as you said , after a power cycle it doesn't...

I'm sorry I didn't spent to read all the interventions. I was very happy someone solved the question...

Currently I returned to the old configuration 400/200MHz..

Just out of curiosity where you explained the HW changes (solder pad jumpers need to rework) to apply to solve this?

If you mean to switch between SMPS to LDO configs and vice versa with NUCLEO-H755ZI-Q board, refer to this readme file:


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@SofLit , now I see is well explained also in the schematics.

My last question is, the JP5 what position should have?

can I keep 3.3V?

Thank you...

SofLit has a decent link to some documentation, and it's also in the Nucleo-144 MB1363 (UM2408) section 6.4.8 to show what solder pads to use. My software-only solution came from observing that booting up at lower clock rates and then switching to 480 and it continues to work, and so I coded that up - configure in the clock diagram to 480, and in main delay that activation until the SMPS is stable. It is entirely possible that my board is a fluke, but if you can boot up at the default (64MHz) and successfully reflash so it runs at 480, I don't see any reason this is not just as valid a solution.


My board (just to be clear to others that may read this: Nucleo-H755ZI-Q) is stock from the factory, no jumper or any other changes.