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Question about ide design guide of BLDC, PMSM motor test kit, NUCLEO-F401RE with X-NUCL EO-IHM 17M1



Thank you for reading.

I am a student working on a project to drive BLDC and PMSM motors using the NUCLEO-F401RE development board and the X-NUCLEO-IHM17M1 motor driver expansion board.

I have successfully generated the project files in CubeIDE using the MC Workbench SDK and CubeMX. I have also read through the code and have a good understanding of how the TASK management flow is implemented.

However, my main question is about the principle of driving BLDC or PMSM motors using this motor driver. I want to understand the mathematical model and the driving principles in order to modify and design new functionalities through coding in the IDE.

Despite reading the hardware datasheet and SDK usage guide, I have not found sufficient information to help me with designing in the IDE.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could provide links to any official documentation, video tutorials, or other reference materials that could assist me.

Thank you very much.


cedric H
ST Employee

Hello @reading 

All our documentation is available from the About menu of the MC Workbench. It will open a new tab in your default browser. The user manual contains all the theory and the related mathematical equations.