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Edge AI for all. NanoEdge AI Studio autoML tool, now free for STM32 and open to all ARM Cortex-M bas

NanoEdge AI Studio v4.3 is now offered for free to all engineers, giving them the opportunity to create highly efficient TinyML libraries that can be deployed on Cortex-M based microcontrollers. In addition, other enhancements have been integrated to...

ST30449_nanoedge-ai-studio-motor (2).jpg ST30449_nanoedge-ai-studio-motor (2).jpg I'm using X-CUBE_AI 7.1.0 but having trouble compiling this example project for motion detection.

ai_input[0].n_batches = 1; 'ai_buffer' {aka 'struct ai_buffer_'} has no member named 'n_batches'network.hAI_DEPRECATED#define AI_NETWORK_IN \ ai_network_inputs_get(AI_HANDLE_NULL, NULL)This comes up invalid initializer error.Any ideas? The initial c...

RBenf.11 by Associate
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Resolved! NanoEdgeAIStudio�?�性能�?�関�?�る�?�?��?��?�?� Inquire about Performance of the NanoEdgeAIStudio.

詳�?��??調�?��?��?��?�際�?�, �?明�?�点�?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?��?�, �?��?�度�?�連絡致�?��?��?��?�。以下�?�3点�?��?��?��?��?�回答を�?�願�?�致�?��?��?�。​NanoedgeAIStudio�?�必�?メモリ�?��?��??ら�?�?時系列データ�?�対応�?��?��?�る�?�?​目安�?�良�?��?��?�?一�?�当�?�り�?�価格を�?��?��?��?��?�?​2月24日...

I can't program FP-AI-MONITOR binary.

I am trying AI-MONITOR1 using STWIN Starter Kit.I am referring to the URL below.AI:FP-AI-MONITOR1 �?��?��?�?� - STM32MCUSection 2.3.2 states that the application is flashed on the sensor board, but it cannot be programmed because the memory capacity ...

TShun.1 by Associate
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STM32Cube.AI Developer Cloud API

Hello,Taking a look at the new STM32Cube.AI Developer Cloud service, here it is said that it has an API for integration, but the API documentation seems to have just login-related functionality.Is the full API available yet?, if not, when will it be?...

ASalc.1 by Associate III
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