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How to write your question to maximize your chances to find a solution?

Community manager
Community manager

• DON'T put the ENTIRE question in the title
• Keep your title short and concise, you add additional information in the Description section
• Make sure you include a reference to the product concerned and the type of problem

1. [Part Number] Always state the FULL Part Number of the product used.
2. [Environment] Describe the environment used as toolchain and hardware and state the version used.
3. [Schematics] If it is a custom board --> Share the schematics using “Attach file” option or inserting some image.
4. [Details] Describe the symptoms observed (examples: error messages, wrong behavior, screenshots of signals…).
5. [Expected behavior] If the question is related to performance then what is the target.
6. [How to reproduce] Detail the steps you have taken to get the behavior seen and clarify the set-up [Input, Output].
7. [Occurrence] Is the problem systematic? If not, state the frequency.
8. [Sanity checks] What are the checks that you have already performed (example: Have you reviewed the existing examples - GitHub, Cube...).

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