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ST Community welcome guide

Community manager
Community manager

Welcome to the ST Community!

Looking for solutions and tips to overcome your design challenges? You are in the right place! Find answers to your questions and share insights with your peers and ST experts. Join discussion threads, read articles in the knowledge base, or increase your skills thanks to online courses from the academy.

The ST community brings together ST customers, students, technology enthusiasts and is open to anyone interested in the semiconductor industry. 

Before you start participating:
1. Check your profile picture and reupload your previous or new one.
2. Set the subscriptions and notifications on your profile to personalize the feed.

Five rules for a successful community 

All community members should abide by the following rules: 

1.Be respectful   
Please keep your tone positive and your comments constructive. Respect other users’ views, regardless of age, gender, disability, ethnicity, sexual orientation, race, or religion. ST has a zero-tolerance policy on personal attacks and offensive comments.  

2.Share relevant information 
Focus on relevant questions, based on what you have learned so far. Make sure that your contributions are relevant to the goal of the community.  
Do not post the same messages in different forum boards to avoid fragmenting discussions. When you have another question that arises from a discussion thread, start a separate post.  
Before posting your question, always check that it has not already been answered to avoid duplicating information. 

3.Safeguard privacy and security
Do not spread viruses, spyware, malware, or other software intended to harm another user's computer.  
Do not invade anyone's privacy by attempting to harvest, collect, store, or publish private or personally identifiable information. For example: passwords, account information, credit card numbers, addresses, or other contact information, without that person's knowledge and will to consent.  
Do not share anything about yourself or your organization online that you would not want to share to a broad audience (copyright, trade secret, or otherwise).   

4.Check information accuracy  
Some information or data shared on the ST Community may be incomplete, outdated, or even incorrect. When posting on community forums, check your source and cite any copyrighted material you are using, if it is not your own original content. ST cannot be held responsible for any disputes related to the collaboration between the members of this community, or for any conversations that occur outside of this communication platform.    

5.Share questions and insights. Avoid product promotion. 
The ST Community is here to allow its users to interact, share insights, and to find solutions to move forward with their engineering design.   
You shall not use the forums for promoting products or services unless they contribute to solving a specific problem or add value to a technical discussion. Feel free to kudo a post if you find it useful or if you agree with specific comments. 

Useful information 

How to identify ST employees 
ST experts are here to answer your questions, to share their knowledge and opinions, and to provide you with useful updates on ST products. Their online profile features the word “ST employee” next to their names.  
“Accepted solutions” feature 
Our community relies on fruitful exchanges and good quality content. You can thank and reward helpful and positive contributions by marking them as “accepted solutions”. This helps other community members identify useful discussions. 

Flag inappropriate content
If you notice any violation of these guidelines, let us know by choosing "Report inappropriate content" from the options menu in the community. In your message, tell us why you feel the content is inappropriate. 

Your feedback is important to us 
We look forward to your comments and suggestions to further improving your experience using the ST Community. Use the “Feedback forum - STMicroelectronics Community” to share your thoughts.  

How to contact us 
If you are an ST customer and you have questions you do not wish to discuss in the community, contact: 

- Your account executive or sales representative. 
- For urgent matters (such as data leakage, system interruptions, faulty products etc.), email us at 

By using the ST Community, you agree to follow: the full Terms and Conditions, the ST Privacy Policy, and any other terms included by ST on this or any other ST website

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