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How to connect 8 SDRAMs 512Mbit each, in the FMC of an STM32H7?



I’m developing a board with the STM32H755XIH3 and I need to increase the RAM memory, so I pretend to use the FMC, but the thing is that I will need 4Gbit of capacity, which I think is the maximum capacity available for the FMC, so I select an SDRAM with 512Mbit, 16bit, and to reach the 4Gbit I will need to put 8 SDRAMs in parallel, but I’m not sure if the connection configuration it will works, so my question is.. could anyone please check on in my diagram and tell me if that is the proper way to connect the 8 SDRAMs.

SDRAM Ref.: IS45S16320F-7BLA2

0693W00000Y8K9UQAV.pngThank you very much in advance!