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How to install your Root Certificate in StellarStudio JRE

When installing some StellarStudio  plugins http://*.srxstudio.org , you can meet the issue : sun.security.validator.ValidatorException: PKIX path building failed  It is typical IT Issue :face_screaming_in_fear:  in each corporate company. “"Path bui...

StellarStudio SR5E1 support is open to the mass market !

Dear all,   We are thrilled to announce that as of today, March 1st, 2024, SR5E1 device support in StellarStudio is available to the mass market !   This means that any user can effortlessly download the official StellarStudio installation packag...


Resolved! SPC5Studio dark theme

Hello, I'm trying to enable the dark theme in SPC5Studio, which Eclipse has by default. See the image. Has anyone got it working? Thank you for your response.MJ.

EV-SPC582B external power

Hi all, does anyone know how to set up jumpers to power up EV-SPC582B externally? Spec says there are options: Flexible board power supply:USB port (Mini B – 5 V) galvanically isolatedExternal sources (DC): from 7 to 12 V, 5 V or 3.3 VBut nothing mor...

SPC563M64L5 microcontroller

Greetings.I'm currently working on my academic project to achieve master's degree. This project is based on SPC563M64L5 and I have issues with it.The problem is when I upload the same software into two separate microcontrollers with the model mention...

Hesam by Associate
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SPC572l SWT can't enable

hi,I am unable to enable the swt2 watchdog, I have set wen to 1, also I have RIA to 0 in my registers, does this issue have any effect, also I have a problem with my SR registers not displaying, I would appreciate an answer, thanks. 


Hello need help getting datasheet

i have this spc58 that i cannot find a datasheet for , please help, i foubd 2 others that are similar but not sure if they are compatible...No Datasheetare these the same

thumbnail_IMG_9699.jpg thumbnail_IMG_0403.jpg
brt2015 by Associate
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C55 Flash Driver, how to program bulk data in the flash?

I tried to program bulk data, around 30k byte in the High Address flash.but the FlashProgram only work for small data, around  100byte. more than that the mcu freeze. already tried with loop each 64byte. this working fine only until 1600byte data.wha...

jmary by Associate III
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Resolved! Receiving CAN MSG in SPC560p

HelloI'm working on SPC560P and tried to receive CAN message as sample in examples discovery kits in spc5studio but still it's not working. I wrote below code:void cfg0_Fifo_Rx(CANDriver *canp, CANRxFrame crfp){if(crfp.ID == 0x811){pal_lld_togglepad(...

DNewm.1 by Associate III
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