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VL6180x TOF Sensor VCSEL Continuity Test Error

On our prototype circuit boards with VL6180x sensors there are 6 sensors per board. On a couple of our prototype boards (about 10% of our boards) we have seen just a single sensor able to respond over I2C but cannot start ranging. The result range s...

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There seems to be some conflicting information in the VL53L1X API documentation regarding min timing values for 'Timing Budget' and 'Inter Measurement Period'.

 The general API user guide, UM2356 (rev 2), says that the min timing budget is 20ms, but the ultra-lite driver guide, UM2510 (rev2), says 15ms is the minimum. I've tested with 15ms (I'm using the ULD) and it seems to work fine, but just wanted to ma...

VL53L1X overshoot?

VL53L1X overshoot?In my initial testing with the VL53L1X, I'm seeing that by rotating the sensor from directly facing an object to facing the ceiling, which is well over the max distance away (I'm operating in 'short' mode, so that should be 1.3m), I...

VL6180X Not working with 10KHz I2C Frequency

Dear members,I am currently trying to interface Arduino Atmega 328p with VL6180X via I2C Bus. I have prepared basic code for reading Range value in single shot and continuous mode, it is working file. Now I changed I2C SCL to 100 KHz, 50 KHz, 20 KHz ...

VL53L0X Header files

Hello I'm currently trying to create a driver for the mbed platform (especially the LPC1768, as I work with this one the most) and I wanted to know, if the following header files are actually needed:windows.htime.hSERIAL_COMMS.hAlso, are the log file...