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VL53L1CX ambient reading and ranging sequences

From what I've read, I get that during a ranging sequence VL53L1CX performs two separate ranging operations and since we have also ambient data I think the sensor listens to the environment without sending any pulses. What I am curious about how they...

CBila.1 by Associate II
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VL53L5 GPIO uses?

I have exposed both GPIO1 and GPIO2 pulled up to VDDIO with a 47 K resistor on my VL53L5 breakout. GPIO1 is used as the interrupt. What can I use GPIO2 for, another interrupt? It would be very convenient to have a date ready interrupt on GPIO1 and a ...

KWine by Senior
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Interference between VL53L1X on mobile object.

Interference between VL53L1X on mobile object.We use VL53L1X on mobile objects, and when these objects intersect we have interference between VL53L1X, we have incorrect measurementsIs it possible ? is a misuse of VL53L1XDo you have any examples, solu...

MRIBE.1 by Associate
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Resolved! VL6180X unstable range results

Hi,Readings from my VL6180X sensor are very unstable. They vary about +-8 mm from measure to measure.I tried with Nucleo board and official api, and also with Arduino board and Sparkfun code. 2,8V power supply is from linear regulator, measured objec...

Cant get VL6180V1 to return ACK on I2C

Hi,i am trying to get STM32F301K8 to communicate with VL6180V1 ToF sensor on my custom board., via I2C (at 20kHz) I had problem getting the API to work so i tried low level I2C access by just sending 0x01 with basic HAL_I2C_Master_Transmit. I noticed...

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KSkor.1 by Associate III
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VL53L0X crosstalk calibration

Hello. I'm using a VL53L0X sensor with cover glass from, so I need to do crosstalk calibration to get an accurate measurement. The problem is that the correction is too big. The process is as follows: 1) SPAD calibration (ok)2) Ref c...

Resolved! VL53L1X address changing

Hello,We ordered some VL53L1X and put them on our PCB. We ran into a problem at the moment of changing the address: we can give these sensors only two address options 0x52 (default) and 0x53 so that they work correctly, but at other addresses the sen...

AShmy.1 by Associate
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