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finding short library on vl53lox

I am looking for the shortest library for the vl53lox. I am using the b-l475e-iot01a1 board and i just need some measures on the vl53lox.I look on github but there are just a lot of files so I would like to know if  a less heavy approach exist . Furt...

VL53L8CA Data Sheet & Sample

Hello,VL53L8CA is active product on your product list but i couldn't find a datasheet and sample.I have contacted with my local reseller buying termin is 22 weeks. Before buying i would like to have a datasheet and sample. What is the last situation ...

Tamer by Associate II
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Water level sensing with some challenges

I'm working on a project that requires liquid level sensing with a couple of complications I'm trying to address. The application is measuring levels in a vessel that is about 1.4m tall, so the ranges of interest are about 100mm to 1.5m. The target l...

Zandr by Associate
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Resolved! Using VL53L4CD with other I2C devices in the same bus

Hello folks, I am trying to adapt my product to use the new VL53L4CD sensor, replacing another SPI distance sensor that is in use.However, I only have one I2C bus available and it is already shared with other sensors and devices, such as a FRAM. The ...

FFS by Associate II
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Error compiling ToF sensor drivers on Linux - VL53L4CX

I am trying to compile the drivers for the ToF sensor: VL53L4CX for an embedded Linux application. I am running Ubuntu 22.04. When I try to make the drivers I get the following error:   CONFIG_STMVL53LX=m make -C /lib/modules/`uname -r`/build M=$PWD ...

Frooney by Associate
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Resolved! VL6180 Optimal Settings for Acuracy

I am using the VL6180 (not the X version).  This is TOF only.  When reading in continuous mode, I'm getting a tolerance of +/- 1mm and sometimes more.  I'll list my settings below.    My application will measure distances from 10mm to 100mm.  Right n...

gerbers by Associate
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