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VD6283_GUI application not starting on Windows




I'm trying to use the VD6283 sensor on a X-NUCLEO-6283A1 plugged in a Nucleo-64 STM32F401.


For this, I've installed the latest ST-Link drivers and the software STSW-IMG301. My board is well recognized on Windows device manager as a "STM STLink Virtual COM Port", but when I try to launch the VD6283_GUI application, I've the following error : "SensorSystem..ctor():Le format de la chaîne d'entrée est incorrect" / "SensorSystem..ctor():Input string is not in correct format".


I've tried to launch it also with admin privileges but it's still not working.


Application version : 1.0.0 - r862

Windows : 11 Pro



ST Employee


Sorry for this really late answer.

A new GUI has just been release for the VD6283 within the STSW-IMG301 package.

It is version : 1.0.1

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