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Insert emoji does not work.

Insert emoji: does not work. I don't miss it - contrary, I call for removing the unnecessary stuff like this. We don't need Comic Sans either, if you know what I mean. JW

waclawekjan_1-1687120091638.png outage

It's Sunday, so probably not many users noticed the outage: Maybe a more descriptive message would be appropriate for these occasions.JW 


Account Email and transfer to default email

Please pass to the account department since it is not listed the location list.  I have old work emails *** and *** and also *** and *** from my previous position where all of these accounts are closed.   I wondered if the points or score could be re...

Riscy by Senior
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Posting is a real PITA

When trying to post, I get an assortment of problems: an edit pane into which I can't write; various red warnings when trying to preview or send the post, etc.I presume this is exposed as consequence of the "permanent reload on FF" problem: I click o...

Can we allow users to attach IOC files?

There are many threads where users have been unable to attach IOC files. Here is one of them: The IOC file type is clearly not a security concern. Is the...

TDK by Guru
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Resolved! Analogue technical responses virtually nil.

Hi all,I´posted a shutdown issue with the L4981A controller and unknowingly the profile page had broken content and didn´t provide all the details. As such I got a reply with a case number from an St employee requesting my company info (which was alr...

rodent by Associate
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Resolved! Suggestiom for more readybility

Answers to other ones posts are placed directly under the posts. This is unusual to most other forums. I dont know if i like it or not. But at least should be clearly(!) visible, that this is an answer. Use an indentation? Also its kinda confusing to...

Tobe by Senior III
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More posts displayed in user's User Activity

Can we have more than 5 posts displayed at once in user's User Activity list? For example the same number as the number of threads displayed in forums views (as it's substantially the same amount of information, and it's user settable, somehow, somew...

Firefox issue

Incidentally, if Firefox browser Privacy and Security -> Do Not Track set to Always, then it is not possible to reply to posts here. Nor does the Accept as Solution option appear.