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Usability of feedback form

Hello everyone and speciallyone whocame up with this idea to insert text with Ctrl+V with this fffffffng boxIt wold be great if you doing plane text insert without this _tupidboxwhen pressed Ctrl+vHave a nice time, ST teamand this message I had:"Your...

OlegAjax by Associate II
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What invalid HTML?

1. I know that html is the underlying format to the posts, but other users may not be aware of it, so the formulation is confusing for them.2. more importantly; what invalid HTML was found? I did not use the HTML edit mode in that post. I might've ty...


Resolved! Copy to Clipboard obscures code

The "Copy to Clipboard" button is good to have, I guess, but in its current implementation you can't see what code is behind the button. Make it smaller, make it stay in the same position on a scroll, or something else so text can be seen. In contras...

TDK by Guru
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What do the search date filters mean?

It seems that they do mean what they say; eg, "a week ago" does mean posts 7 days old (or more?)But this seems a rather useless filter?Surely, more useful is "within the last 7 days", "within the last month", etc?In other words, "not older than 1 wee...


Broken Forum Links

It seems that the forum has had a makeover while I've been away on Other Things?It seems that links to (some?) old posts (from before the update?) are now broken; eg, in this post:

Resolved! FXLS8967AFR3 marking label

hi, dear teamI have bought the parts FXLS8967AFR3   from two  franchised distributor, and found their marking label character are different, pls see attached pics, and could you help confirm how to indentify the marking label? 

P1.png P2.png P3.png

Insert emoji does not work.

Insert emoji: does not work. I don't miss it - contrary, I call for removing the unnecessary stuff like this. We don't need Comic Sans either, if you know what I mean. JW