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Broken Forum Links

Andrew Neil

It seems that the forum has had a makeover while I've been away on Other Things?

It seems that links to (some?) old posts (from before the update?) are now broken; eg, in this post:

As you can see from my edit there, the referenced content does still exist - it's just the link that's broken.

Also links in old notification emails are now broken.

I keep these as a quick way to find important posts/threads - so it's a pain that they're now useless.

Community manager
Community manager

Hello @Andrew Neil , 

Thanks for coming back to ST Community!

Indeed, there has been changes mid last year where we migrated the community to a new platform. We are aware of this unfortunate effect and are now working on the solution. Will keep you posted once it will be resolved.

Thanks for your patience and understanding. 

If you notice anything else, let us know. 


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