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Visual glitch for file attachments

When a link is given to a particular post and the post has a file attached, two horizontal lines appear under the small file icon. can be seen in the...

Piranha by Chief II
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It must be possible to report a bug

what-the-huck-is-that?!!! my dear ST!you think you software is well-designed, works stable and correctly not because it isn't FULL OF BUGS and was never created DEFECTIVE-BY-DESIGN, but because you are not getting the feedback.the Suck-o-Sales era ha...

KDV by Associate
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Having "fun" with Khoros editor failures

The "member callout bubble" remained stuck even after having made the post i.e. editor pane closed. It overlaps the post and scrolls together with it.Oh yes, reload "fixes" it, but ain't it a hillarious fail?JW

waclawekjan_0-1694163407067.png waclawekjan_1-1694163436716.png

Resolved! Wrong "accepted solution" shown

Here's a thread:'s what the top of the page looks like. Note that the "accepted solution" shown doesn't have the green border, and doesn't appear to hav...

TDK_0-1700602642648.png TDK_1-1700602705710.png
TDK by Guru
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Wishlist thread

Hi, @Amel NASRI ,now, that the Ideas are gone, can we please have back the annual Wishlist thread?Thanks,Jan@Amelie ACKERMANN, @Lina DABASINSKAITE , @Laurids_PETERSEN

Notable quotes

We should have a room for notable quotes somewhere.This one made my day today: There is an issue somewhere, but if we always fall back to "well it works on an identical configuration" we don't advance the ball.-- @TDK  

Modern feel and look

Actually, there is text next to that icon. And it even highlights upon mouse hover, making it marginally readable.Congrats to modern feel and look.JWPS. Text ought to be BLACK and WHITE. Leave modern feel and look to marketing material. We actually n...