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Resolved! Are the metrics working?

Not a big fan of the new metrics / scoring methods, but that's probably a whole other discussion.Also don't see the online stats on the top/front page, swear I only see user/online counts when not logged in..


Resolved! Sudden red "topic not available" message

I was typing a reply to a post, when suddenly the following red message appeared (before taking the screenshot, I erased the relatively short text I had already typed there):After reloading, the thread had a post from other user, which was not there ...


Can't paste image from website

For example: I wanted to post the picture of the NUCLEO-F446RE from the ST Product Page. So I right-clicked the image on that page, and chose 'C...

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Resolved! ST Website getting worse

Hello, probably some work on the ST website has been done recently . I use Firefox on OpenSuse Leap 15.4 and have Noscripts acitive. Of course is allowed, but now the Entrace page pulls in several second and third level external scripts. That ...

Login issue

Still i have to enter again all my login details to get into this forum!Also the "remember me" function does not work. After a wrong password i have to enter my email again!This is so annoying!Can we expect this to be fixxed?

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Resolved! Can't see breadcrumbs on main ST web

There's no forum to report bugs on main site.Breadcrumbs appear briefly when scrolling, but then they are overlapped by the "stuff" on top.The "modern" webdesign is a disaster.JW


Please make the "Labels" window usable

We have dozens of tags ("labels") e.g. in the STM32 products subforum. This might be an useful tool to select relevant group of posts. However, the window, where the "labels" are selected is too small, displaying only perhaps half a dozen of tags at ...