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What invalid HTML?

1. I know that html is the underlying format to the posts, but other users may not be aware of it, so the formulation is confusing for them.2. more importantly; what invalid HTML was found? I did not use the HTML edit mode in that post. I might've ty...


Resolved! Should I be reporting AI-generated nonsense responses?

In instances where they don't answer the question, or where they answer it incorrectly, I have been reporting these. Should I keep doing so?Does the ST community have a stance on whether or not AI-generated reponses are allowed? Is that stance in the...

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I have registered and validated my email, got as farr as choosing a password but then an error happened. Help please  


Resolved! Formatting code should be easier

Problem:There are a significant amount of threads where code is pasted as plaintext a thread. As an example, this one, where the user clearly searched for a way to format it as code but couldn't find how:

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Resolved! Copy to Clipboard obscures code

The "Copy to Clipboard" button is good to have, I guess, but in its current implementation you can't see what code is behind the button. Make it smaller, make it stay in the same position on a scroll, or something else so text can be seen. In contras...

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What do the search date filters mean?

It seems that they do mean what they say; eg, "a week ago" does mean posts 7 days old (or more?)But this seems a rather useless filter?Surely, more useful is "within the last 7 days", "within the last month", etc?In other words, "not older than 1 wee...


Broken Forum Links

It seems that the forum has had a makeover while I've been away on Other Things?It seems that links to (some?) old posts (from before the update?) are now broken; eg, in this post: