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Flagging posts for moderation

Community manager
Community manager

We foster a supportive and inclusive community where members can freely ask questions, share their experiences, express their opinions, and engage in discussions related to their design projects. Our goal is to create a platform where everyone feels comfortable and valued, promoting a collaborative environment for learning, and exchanging ideas. Our moderation team is here to make sure that our members follow the ST Community Terms and Conditions.

We appreciate your feedback on posts or comments that seem inappropriate (e.g. spam, abusive language, duplications), by flagging posts for moderation. Simply click on the “flag icon” on the thread or comment that does not seem appropriate. Every single thread and comment in the community has a "flag” icon. You can access it in the menus shown below (note that your menu has fewer options than the ones shown on these images)

This is the menu for a specific comment: 


After clicking on “Report Inappropriate Content”, you will see the following form. Leave a short note for our moderation team explaining why you feel this post should be moderated and what action you expect to be taken: 


Our moderation team reviews your request as soon as possible, normally within a few hours of the flag being raised.

Thank you for helping us keep the ST Community a welcoming and friendly platform! 

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