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How to post

Community manager
Community manager

Posting a question or starting a discussion in the ST Community is simple and should look familiar to you if you have used an online community in the past - or even a standard text editor!

Hover your mouse over a category of the community from the top navigation bar:

  • Product forums for technical questions.
  • Select the board concerned by your question.  
  • Click on “Start a conversation” on the community's homepage. 
  • You will now see the posting area as described below: 
    1. Enter a brief description of your question or post. This is the subject of your post. -
    - Use relevant and descriptive keywords to help users know what the rest of your post is about, and keep it short, ideally under 70 characters.
    - You will be able to add more information in the Body section.
    2. This field is only available on the community's homepage. Select the board concerned by your post.
    3. Enter more details about your post. Add a detailed description of your issue including the steps you have already taken to try to fix it. The more details, the better. Using the buttons at the bottom of this area, you can add links, code samples, images, lists, etc.
    4. Choose a label.
    5. Click on “Post” to publish your question.
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