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Getting faster and better answers in the community

Community manager
Community manager

General tips

1. Update your profile with your photo/avatar and update your nickname. In “About” tell us a bit about yourself. This helps other members identify you more easily, which will, in turn, lead to faster answers and more helpful conversations.
2. Do your homework. Members of the ST Community enjoy helping contributors who have done some initial investigation into the problem. Search the community before posting and try all solutions already available.
3. Remember that technical questions belong in the Product forums category.
4. Do not post the same question in multiple areas of the community. This makes it harder for others to find answers and implies more effort for those trying to help you answer your question.
5. Do not use all caps. It looks aggressive (like shouting!) for most users and can impact your likelihood of receiving an answer.
6. "Bumping" a topic after 24 hours will not help you get an answer faster. On the contrary, it may prevent you from getting an answer as it looks as though somebody has replied to your post.
7. Do not send Private Messages or direct emails asking questions or asking for your topic to be answered more quickly. Posting on public areas of the ST Community means that more members can benefit from your question and the answer.
8. Try to find unanswered questions from other community members and answer them yourself. If you know the answer, share your knowledge with others. These positive interactions generate more interactions and lead to a more successful community for everyone, yourself included.

Getting Answers Fast
Use the search box to see if your question has already been answered. Try a few variations of keywords before giving up. Other members are happier to try to answer your question if you have done a search first!


Posting a question
1. Keep your question short, with a few descriptive keywords. For example, provide the exact product part number, the software name and version, the board part number, or process description. Tip: if someone else was searching for this question, what keywords would they use to easily find yours?
2. In the Body section, post as much information about your question as possible. Be specific about what you are trying to do. What possible solutions have you already tried to fix the problem? Use an “X but Y” approach – “I am trying to do X, but Y happens.”
3. Use the code sample button when posting code examples. This formats the code and makes it easier to read.

  1. Add images and attachments where appropriate or helpful.
  2. Use “Accept as Solution” - if someone provides an answer to your question, please mark it so they get some recognition and others can find the actual answer more quickly! 



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