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Help others to solve their issues

Community manager
Community manager

“Accepted solutions” are much more than a simple green checkmark next to a subject. They are instrumental in helping community members find answers to their questions faster and more effectively. The “Accepted solutions” mark also helps community members move up the ranks in the ST Community and become known as true experts in their field.

Here is how you can use “Accepted solutions” to reward the community members who have taken the time to help you, and to contribute to the growth and quality of the ST Community, benefiting all members, including you.

1. Post your question in the community following the instructions from our “How to Post” tutorial
2. Wait for a reply from one of our experts, a community member, or an ST employee.
3. Continue the conversation if needed until a solution is found
4. Once your question has been fully answered, click on "Accept as Solution" on the post, which solved your issue or answered your question:


Threads marked as “Accepted solutions” stand out from the discussion threads and help you and others find a solution more easily:  


If you accidentally chose the wrong post as solution, you can always revert this action by clicking "Not the Solution" and choose the correct one again:


Important: to apply the action of "Accept as Solution" or revert to "Not the Solution" is permitted only to the author of the the post and the community moderators.

If you face any difficulties, please mark the post "Report Inappropriate Content" and the forum moderators will take the respective action. 

Thank you for helping us make the ST Community an even better place to get answers and solve issues.

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