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Community manager
Community manager

The best way to find an answer quickly and effectively for your question is to make good use of the search tool available in the ST Community. Chances are that a question, which is similar (or identical) to yours, has already been asked - and answered. 

Other community members would be more inclined and happier to help you if they knew you had already done your homework and to tried finding an answer yourself before asking the question. 

Click on the search box at the top of the page and enter the terms most closely related to your question or issue. We recommend that you choose some keywords and try a few variations, as other members may have worded their question differently: 


As you type in your search terms, a list of existing questions and knowledge articles related to what you are typing appears below the search bar. Take a moment to scan these suggestions, as this will save you time.


Your search results come up with a few different useful filters to help you scan the results. Click on the filters on the left to narrow down the scope of your search. Alternatively, you can simply scroll through all results, which are displayed in the same order as the filters on the left. 


You can filter your results by “Location” and search for one with an “Accepted solution” mark as shown in the example below. Choose “Metadata” and check “Solved” to achieve it. “Accepted solutions” are proven solutions for issues or questions asked: 


Now, it’s your turn! Use the search box to find discussions about a subject that you are interested in. Browse the different areas of the search results page and explore the different posts displayed in the search results. Are they helpful? 

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