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ST Community Ranking System

Community manager
Community manager

ST Community members are divided into tiered ranks which reflects how active and helpful they are. As you actively participate in the community through asking and answering questions, providing Accepted Solutions, you will advance in the community’s ranking system, be acknowledged as an expert in your area and even featured on our home page and board page:


Here is a summary of the rank structure starting with the initial achievement and ending with the highest one:

  1. Visitor
  2. Visitor II
  3. Explorer
  4. Explorer II
  5. Graduate
  6. Graduate II
  7. Associate
  8. Associate II
  9. Associate III
  10. Senior
  11. Senior II
  12. Senior III
  13. Lead
  14. Lead II
  15. Lead III
  16. Principal
  17. Principal II
  18.  Principal III
  19. Chief
  20. Chief II
  21. Chief III
  22. Evangelist
  23. Evangelist II
  24. Evangelist III
  25. Guru

You can increase your rank by:

  • Initiating discussions in About or asking technical questions in Product forums
  • Participating in ongoing conversations
  • Answering questions from fellow community members and helping them solve issues
  • Giving and receiving Kudos on helpful posts
  • Having your answers marked as Solutions by other community members.

Remember that, as a rule of thumb, consistently being active in the community, helpful towards other members by answering their questions and helping them out with their issues, you guarantee you a spot among our Top Contributors!


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