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Why predominantly AI-generated posts and replies on the ST Community are not allowed

Community manager
Community manager

Getting AI-generated responses from a variety of prompts is more accessible than ever. The accessibility and ease-of-use have also impacted the ST Community, as we have observed posts predominantly generated by AI. These guidelines are written to provide you with our current stance on generative AI.  

The ST Community does not allow the usage of generative AI to predominantly generate posts and replies. We depend on and trust our community users to provide original, verified replies and solutions (see ST Community Terms and Conditions, article 3.6.1, section h.)

Generative AI cannot ensure a legitimate and factual answer, even though the presentation, language, and formatting may seem appealing and legitimate. This is also known as a “hallucination” meaning that the response seems coherent, but the actual content is not factual. In some cases, responses provided by generative AI can be harmful and unsafe.

Therefore, the consequence of using generative AI is considered a deficit in the legitimacy of our community, negatively impacting the trust of our users. This especially impacts users that are not yet familiar with our products and technologies.

The use of all LLM’s and generative AI conversational neural network technologies including, but not limited to the following products, are not allowed:

  • ChatGPT
  • Google Bard
  • Microsoft Bing AI
  • Chatsonic

Actions taken to remove generative AI content

Technical experts moderate the ST Community daily. Our experts have the knowledge and expertise to identify posts and replies provided by generative AI. Prompt action is taken to remove responses predominantly provided by generative AI.

Consequences of using generative AI on the ST Community

Using generative AI to predominantly generate posts or replies will result in a removal of the given post/reply, and in some cases a ban on the user account. As previously mentioned, it is considered a breach of our terms and conditions (see ST Community Terms and Conditions, article 3.6.1, section h.)

Our goal with these guidelines is to ensure that the ST Community is a trustworthy place for our members to get support and foster discussion.

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